About Us

Developing World Markets is an asset manager and investment bank dedicated to making socially positive investments in order to promote sustainable economic and social development on a global scale. We believe that the private sector and capital markets can and should be utilized to create positive economic and social change, and are often the most effective catalysts for doing so.

Inclusive Finance as a Solution

DWM primarily invests in inclusive financial institutions (IFINs), including microfinance institutions (MFIs), small and medium enterprise (SME) lenders, affordable housing and education lenders, and mobile banking service providers. In many developing countries around the world, poor and low-income people frequently lack financial products and services such as credit, insurance and pensions that could provide security, predictability and economic growth for their households. IFINs aim to address these social needs, helping people escape poverty while contributing to economic development.

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to deliver financial products to inclusive financial institutions in an efficient, affordable and financially sustainable manner, and at the same time deliver an appropriate risk-adjusted return for our investors, while ultimately serving as a catalyst for development.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainability is a key requirement for any global economic solution—and it is particularly important when assisting the poor. In addition to investing in sustainable entities, we rely on the ability of the investments themselves to be sustainable by providing attractive market-rate returns as well as social impact to our investors. The combination of financial and social returns that we seek from our investments is our double bottom line.