Our Investments

DWM offers investors a range of return-first impact investment products across asset classes, targeting risk-appropriate returns and measurable environmental or social outcomes in emerging and frontier markets.

Private Debt

Through its dedicated Debt investment team, DWM directly originates, structures and manages private loans to impactful companies in the developing world.  Our loans support institutions providing inclusive financial services, including micro-enterprise (microfinance), small- & medium-enterprise (SME), agricultural-, housing-, and education-lending, as well as renewable energy providers.  We offer tailored financing solutions including senior and subordinated debt, short- and medium-tenors, hard and local currency denominations, as well as bond issues and syndications.

Private Equity

Through its dedicated Private Equity team, DWM originates and actively manages equity investments in impactful companies across the developing world. DWM seeks to control investment outcomes by taking large minority or majority stakes. DWM follows an active management strategy; taking board seats, engaging with management to improve performance, accelerating growth and developing industry leadership. Through our experience as a private equity manager, we seek to drive value across five key pillars: governance and control, management capacity, operations, balance sheet and business strategy.

Public Debt

To facilitate more liquid impact investing products, DWM also manages public fixed income with impact and development related themes.

Public Equity

From its founding in 1994, DWM’s earliest emerging and frontier markets products were focused on public equities, including IPO- and country- strategies. Looking forward, as the demand from investors for more liquid impact investing products grows, DWM is actively developing public equities focused impact products.

Capital Markets

Through its investment banking expertise and registered broker-dealer, DWM Finance, DWM offers investors and impact companies debt and equity capital raises and structured product solutions.

In an effort to increase transparency in the impact investing industry, while abiding by relevant financial regulations, DWM has opted to release information on its more than $1 billion in impact debt investments in 40+ emerging market countries. Included below is a summary of those investments, and full detail can be downloaded here.


Region Principal (USD) % Avg. Tenor (Yrs.)
South, Southeast & East Asia 158,436,785 15.2% 2.7
Central America, Carrib. & Mexico 91,409,632 8.8% 2.9
South America 232,855,089 22.4% 3.2
Africa & Middle East 23,358,831 2.2% 2.2
Central Asia & Caucasus 357,806,531 34.4% 2.6
Eastern Europe 159,555,320 15.3% 4.0
Diversified 17,274,292 1.7% 3.9
Total 1,040,696,482 100.0% 3.0
Financial Institution Type Principal (USD) % Avg. Tenor (Yrs.)
Non-Bank Financial Inst. 437,702,537 42.1% 2.9
Bank 434,520,856 41.8% 3.0
Nonprofit 135,223,466 13.0% 3.3
Financial Holding Co. 27,274,292 2.6% 4.1
Cooperative 5,975,330 0.6% 2.8
Total 1,040,696,482 100.0% 3.0
DWM Clients with a Focus on Principal (USD) % Avg. Tenor (Yrs.)
Agricultural/Rural Communities 476,478,740 45.8% 3.0
Women Entrepreneurs 483,038,899 46.4% 2.7
Microfinance vs. SME Principal (USD) % Avg. Tenor (Yrs.)
Micro 855,884,113 82.2% 2.9
SME 184,812,368 17.8% 3.7
Total 1,040,696,482 100.0% 3.0