Social Impact

Core Purpose

To improve lives at the base of the world's economic pyramid by harnessing the power of capital markets.


To improve the lives of 10 million families at the base of the economic pyramid in developing countries by 2020.

Firm Values

  • Social Change. We work to create equality of opportunity, to alleviate poverty and to improve the quality of life for those at the base of the economic pyramid.
  • Responsibility. We treat clients and stakeholders alike with fairness, respect and transparency
  • Innovation. We bring value to investors and clients through constant innovation and creativity. Through our investments, we aim to create financial returns as well as social impact.
  • Disciplined Approach. We believe in applying the highest professional standards to everything we do.
  • Collaboration. We work together, enabling our team and our company to better achieve our core purpose.


Our investment philosophy includes the protection of inclusive finance borrowers who represent the ultimate impact of our investments into inclusive financial institutions. In addition, we are committed to incorporating Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance issues into our investments and other activities.