Sustainable Capital

DWM aims to create an environment of sustainable capital by providing a comprehensive array of financial solutions in order to link inclusive financial institutions (IFINs) to international capital markets. Through our assets under management and our investment banking activities we are able to offer IFINs services including debt financing, equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, strategic advisory, and structured finance products.

As a leading institutional fund manager of inclusive finance assets, DWM aims to achieve sustainable development through market-level financial returns for our investors and social returns in the developing world.


DWM Seeks to:

  • Foster the provision of financial services to the poor in developing countries
  • Ensure the permanence of IFINs through financial strength and continued growth
  • Link IFINs to the vast capital sources of international capital markets

DWM Works by:

  • Understanding the capital needs of IFINs
  • Designing innovative financings that meet IFINs' needs
  • Placing these financings with institutional investors in developed countries
  • Bringing investor capital to IFINs in the form of debt, equity or other structures

Eligible Funding Partners:

  • MFIs—Banks, Non-bank financial institutions & NGOs in developing countries
  • SME lenders in developing countries
  • Low-income financial institutions such as housing and education lenders, as well as other development-related businesses