Asset Management

As of December 31, 2014, Developing World Markets manages approximately $490 million in impact investments on behalf of institutional investors. We aim to achieve market-rate financial returns for our investors and social impact in developing economies.

Partnership with Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

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DWM is proud to partner with Daiwa Securities Group in the creation and management of a microfinance investment vehicle for Japanese investors. Daiwa is one of the leading, comprehensive financial service firms in Asia. Shigeharu Suzuki, Chairman of the Board of Daiwa Securities Group, emphasized the firm’s commitment to promoting impact investing at the launch of the DWM fund. "One of our missions is solving social issues by leveraging financial capabilities. Compared to Europe, SRI is very limited in scale so far in Japan. Daiwa Securities Group has actively been developing SRI products as a pioneer in this field in Japan."

Partnership with ACTIAM N.V.


Approximately $440 million of DWM's inclusive finance assets is sponsored by and managed in partnership with ACTIAM and provided by socially responsible institutional investors in the Netherlands.

DWM is proud to partner with ACTIAM in creating and managing innovative investment vehicles for institutional investors that promote sustainable development in developing countries. ACTIAM is a premier asset manager for Dutch institutional investors and is a part of SNS REAAL, the 3rd largest private financial services provider in the Netherlands. ACTIAM has total assets under management of more than EUR 42.5 billion as of December 31, 2011. ACTIAM is a pioneer in the area of responsible institutional asset management of which investing in developing countries through microfinance is an integral part.

Investment Manager to ACTIAM N.V.

ACTIAM N.V., a pioneer in further developing the sustainability concept and a member of SNS REAAL N.V., sponsors microfinance investments that are managed by DWM. The structure is the first of its kind and the first vehicle was fully invested by Dutch institutional investors in 2007. DWM selects the microfinance investments subject to the approval of an investment committee and manages the investments during their holding period. DWM pursues a balanced approach in making microfinance investments with debt and equity. A number of the investments made are in local currency. The portfolio is intended to be well diversified and to represent all regions of the developing world.

DWM, in partnership with ACTIAM, has made debt, private equity, and other structured investments to over 90 MFIs in 40 countries across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, & Africa.